December 08, 2008

Biopsy today

I had the biopsy today. I took 0.5 mg ativan beforehand to reduce stress and was I glad I did! My blood pressure taken just before the procedure was 140/76, unusually high for me. Taken again immediately afterwards it went down to a more typical 110/70. Dr. Kelly talked me through the whole thing and Rik was there for emotional support.

First the nurse took my blood pressure. Then Dr. Kelly draped my left breast with sterile cloths and did an ultrasound of the area. She gave me a lot of lidocaine to numb any pain. Then she isolated the right spot through the ultrasound and using a hollow core needle, took a sample of tissue to send to the pathologist. Actually she took two samples. She warned me I'd hear a snapping sound -- I involuntarily flinched a bit but not enough to cause any trouble. Then she placed a tiny metal marker near the biopsy site under my skin. I had a mammogram to confirm that it was placed, got dressed and we went home.

I promptly fell asleep for a couple of hours. Now I'm sore but that's what pain meds and ice packs are for. I get the results on Thursday.

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