September 10, 2008

From the morning service

This piece from tachanun (personal prayers and supplications) in the morning service (shacharit) really speaks to me each time I read it --

Psalm 6

"Be merciful to me, for I am weak. Heal me, Adonai, for my very bones tremble -- my entire being trembles. Adonai, how long? Turn to me, Adonai; save my life. Help me because of Your love. In death there is no remembering You. In the grave who can praise You? I am weary with sighing and weeping; nightly my pillow is soaked with tears. Grief has dimmed my eyes, worn down by my many foes. Away with you, doers of evil! Adonai has heard my cry, my suplication. Adonai accepts my prayer."

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