April 02, 2010

yay new orthopod!

i saw the new orthopod, dr bill wagner, today. he specializes in hands. dr w says the elbow joint is still in place (took new xrays) and wants to keep me in the splint until 4/12 then move to a jointed brace. no surgery now!

using a powered cast removal saw, the nurse cut off part of the splint covering my hand. she was so careful -- slid a long plastic ruler-thingy under each section and sawed one inch at a time, moving the ruler thing from place to place around my wrist. dr w padded the rough edges and told me i was good to wear my lymphedema glove. (i will bandage at night.) rik was able to slide the glove on for me.

doc and i were equally concerned about skin care on my lymphedema arm and he most gently washed away the plaster residue that had stuck to my skin.

i will see the lymphedema pt on tuesday and maybe she will be able to reduce some of the swelling in my hand, wrist, etc. in the meanwhile rik is giving me manual lymphatic drainage massage in the mornings.

good news for today!

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  1. Your a strong woman for fighting cancer for that very long time, and i admire you for that. You can do it.