April 29, 2010

Hear me sing!

I have mastered a new internet skill and uploaded an audio file of the recent Dunava concert. I performed the serbian drinking song Evo Banke. Other than one blunder at the very end, I think it sounds pretty good!

Kudos to the band: Marchette DuBois on accordion, Jane Hall on dumbek, and Dunava's own Dina Trageser on tambura!


Here's a ten, my gypsy, play for me!
I will listen to you, you will play for me.
We'll open a bottle of champagne and drink it up,
and when the moment comes, the champagne will knock us down!

// Evo banke, cigane moj, cigane moj, sviraj mi ti! //

Ja cu tebi svirati
ti ces mene slusati
Evo banke, cigane moj
cigane moj, sviraj mi ti

// Sampanj cemo otvoriti, otvoriti i popiti //

A kad dode pravi cas
Sampanj oborice nas
Evo banke, cigane moj
cigane moj, sviraj mi ti!

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