April 28, 2010

elbow update

i saw the orthopod yesterday and dr. w says my elbow is healing just as he expected. all the skin abrasions have cleared up, including the one that was most recently open. he set me some additional exercises and told me to return in three weeks. (i hope by then he will clear me to drive.)

the exercises include --
- raising my left hand to my mouth (i'm at the shoulder so far)
- with my upper arm on a table, lifting a can of soup as i bend my arm
- straightening my arm
- turning my hand palm up and down

i do 10 repetitions, four times a day.

dr. w also told me i could start getting out of the brace as much as i wanted as long as i am not too active. i can type without it, read, watch tv, even sleep. last night i took it off for about three hours and it felt great. that should help improve my lymphedema too. unfortunately i can't put the brace back on unassisted, so i can only remove it when i know rik is here to put it back on.

still, this is a step in the right direction!

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