April 19, 2010

new theme song

i thought of this as i was trying to relax after the big news today re chemo. it's my new theme song.
i am not dead yet,
i can dance and i can sing.
i am not dead yet,
i can do the highland fling.
i am not dead yet,
no need to go to bed,
no need to call the doctor
'cause i'm not yet dead!

turn up the sound on your speakers and listen here for an audio clip from monty python's spamalot.


  1. I love your theme song. It's a dandy. I'm sorry about the chemo again, and will pray. You know Jill, I was looking at your pictures of Dunlava, and really, you are beautiful.

  2. Kayla4:10 PM

    You are too amazing for words. YOu are in my prayers.