April 20, 2010

new 'do

this is me with my brand new, ultra short, pre-chemo haircut.

i think i look like jamie lee curtis.


  1. Guess what? I have just posted similarly. I too have a new short hair cut. I think you look brilliant. Good luck to you, I start tomorrow X

  2. Jamie Lee is hawt but click my name to see the image that came to mind for me, given the fierce warrior that you are.

  3. With a smile like that I have no doubt you will do just fine. My prayers and hopes are with you. Betty

  4. It must have been hard to do, and hard to face this again. Your hair seemed to have gotten pretty long in the pics from your choir concert! I'm sorry. You are such an inspiration to many of us Jill!

    Shelli G.

  5. Just like Jamie Lee! There is a great new book out called Looking Like You, it's a woman's guide to beauty during chemo. Check it out on Amazon!