April 30, 2010

komen race for the cure in ISRAEL

i recently learned that the komen race for the cure will take place for the first time in israel on october 28, 2010. although i am not always a fan of komen (particularly their pink ribbon campaigns and some fundraising tactics), they are the "600-pound gorilla" when it comes to breast cancer early detection advocacy.

i read all the web pages about the israel race and mission and would seriously consider going. rik and i were last in israel in 2003 and i would love to go again. plus the concept of racing (or in my case, walking) around the walls of the old city of jerusalem moves me deeply.

i fell in love with israel when i spent a year studying there after high school. every job i've held with the jewish community offered me the opportunity to travel to israel. i have never been to the great crater (machtesh ramon) and rik would love to show it to me. my mother was talking recently about how she and a friend would like to travel to israel together.

and although i am tolerating this chemo well, with minimal side effects, and expectation that it will be very effective, the reality is that none of us knows how long we have. when might i get such an opportunity again?

in the spirit of setting and achieving milestones while living with advanced cancer, and putting out to the universe exactly what you want so that you get it, i am going to say now that i want to participate in this first komen race for the cure in jerusalem.

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  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    You have a fan here who is cheering you on. God Is Blessing you!!!