April 11, 2010

we'll build our house and chop our wood and make our garden grow!

(that's a quote from leonard bernstein's candide, only one of the best musicals ever written. it's playing at seattle's 5th avenue theatre soon and I CAN'T WAIT!)

today farmer rik planted the early spring part of our garden. he seeded chard, spinach, mesclun lettuces and radishes. the potatoes will have to wait a bit. the tomatoes go into pots in late may. i have given up on growing tomatoes from seed here in the not-quite-sunny-enough pacific northwest.

rik had assistance from the junior and senior canine supervisors, bob and pumpkin. my role was to sit comfortably on the chaise drinking a can of cold seltzer. it was a gloriously sunny and warm afternoon, the first such in weeks.

later i went to choir rehearsal where we also sat outside and attracted the attention of the neighbors.

all in all, it was a great day, with limited worries about dislocated elbows and cancer. more news tomorrow when i see the orthopod. here's hoping i am healed enough to progress to a jointed brace right away.

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  1. Spring, glorious spring! Is there anything more treasured than those first warm days?