April 05, 2010

quiet weekend

the dislocated elbow has kept me quiet all weekend. it's just as well that typing with my other hand is limiting, since i don't have much to report.

we went out to shabbat dinner. had a lovely visit saturday afternoon with our good friends on mercer island, including a scrabble game and scrounging dinner together. on sunday i went to choir rehearsal and as the only soprano present, managed to stay (mostly) on tune. rik made roast cornish game hens for dinner and we were in bed by 10 pm.

today he went back to school so we both got up early - him at 6 am, me at 6:15. the ativan i took the night before to help me sleep hadn't quite worn off and i noticed some vertigo after my shower when rik was helping me dress. i took a nap and that seems to have helped.

this will be a week of medical appointments. today the dentist!

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