April 29, 2015

Taxotere so far

On Monday I had my first dose of Taxotere (docetaxel). The PICC line insertion went smoothly, the infusion went smoothly, and today was my first day off the steroids.

I have slept well the past few nights with the help of my buddies Ambien and Ativan. (Although last night I finally gave in to the famous Decahedron steroid side effect and shopped online. But I only ordered business cards. I have no explanation for the shoes I bought this morning.)

I woke up at a reasonable 10:30 AM today. After checking email etc. and buying aforementioned shoes, I showered, dressed, ate and walked the dogs. Up a hill. So I must feel okay.

I ran errands (library, grocery store), picked up Rik from school, ironed some shirts, and caught up on three old episodes of a favorite TV show. Cooked dinner. And now blogging. So I must feel okay.

I have noticed one new bit of potential neuropathy. The skin where my left thumb bends had been cracked for a few days. The crack has healed, but I do have some small pain there. Is it neuropathy? Who knows.

Tonight I will have my first night's sleep since Sunday without steroids. I will try to manage on my own, but may pay the price of reverse insomnia after three nights with sleep aids.

But I feel okay!

By the way, these are the shoes. Good price, no? I hope they fit, because they are too cute for words!

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  1. Jill....I started IBrance 2 days after you...The hand cracking is definitely from the IBrance...I have developed sores in my mouth as well, not to mention the sluggish feeling all the time. I so enjoy your posts! Onward we march! BTW...I love the SHOES!

  2. I hope it goes well for you with minimal side effects! I am 5 infusions in so far. <3 Those steroids... they make me eat eat eat!