April 22, 2015

Port healing

Today I went to the Wound Healing Center at Swedish Hospital's Cherry Hill campus. I met a new doctor, Dr Myint and nurse Sally, who are caring, compassionate medical professionals. I know this because in addition to their warm personalities and ability to listen, Dr Myint complimented me on my "dream team" (his words) of other doctors. He knows them all: Dr Klein, my primary care doc; Dr G, my oncologist; and Dr Antezana, my dermatologist. He even knows Dr Flugstad, my orthopedist. I told Dr Myint and Sally they were now in excellent company as part of my team.

Sally removed the dressing that was applied last Friday and cleaned up the site. Both of them examined it and Sally took photos. Sally then measured the wound's depth while Dr M effectively distracted me in conversation. They tell me the wound appears to be healing nicely. Sally applied another dressing and I am scheduled to return for a dressing change again next week.

While they were all in the room with me (including a student nurse), I asked them to take a look at my scalp metastasis. This is the one which appeared to double in size during my first round of Ibrance, which Dr A biopsied and I have kept covered with his antibiotic gook. It got nicely pink in the last two weeks and appeared to be healing, but since the start of Ibrance round two, it's been oozing blood. Dr M of course recommended I talk with Dr G about it. He also opined that perhaps the oral antibiotics I've been taking may have had some positive effect. Sally then prepared a small dressing with medical-grade Manuka honey(!). What they use at the Swedish Wound Healing Center comes from New Zealand and is prepared in sterile environments. Although one can purchase Manuka honey for use in the home, as with any treatment, I believe in the involvement of your physician.

On my way out I stopped at the Ambulatory Infusion Center, where I received treatment for several years at the beginning of this dance with cancer. One of my favorite nurses was there and she did a significant double-take when she saw me. We hugged and decided to have a bigger personal reunion soon. It was so lovely to see her!

I have honey on my head, antibiotics in my system, a chance to reconnect with a friend and a port removal area packed with stuff. All appears well with my world!


  1. Life is good for you now!

  2. Sounds like mets land. Honey? Funky. I hope it works!