January 23, 2014

Xeloda round 13

Last Sunday I began taking round 13 of Xeloda. So far, so good. My left thumb is either healing or peeling from more hand-foot syndrome, so I  have started using the henna again.

This week has been stressful and frustrating. I continually forget basic words, names of things, etc. I am either too busy or have nothing to do at all. Yesterday I cleaned my diamond stud earrings and put them on the counter to dry while I turned to another task. Well, I forgot about the earrings until after I'd gotten into bed and by then it was too late. We looked everywhere but couldn't find them. That's an expensive mistake.

Today at support group someone suggested I look in the kitchen sink catch pipe under the counter. Sure enough, the earrings were there!

But that doesn't excuse my memory lapses etc. I worry that I may have more active brain brain mets, so contacted Dr G to see if he thought I needed a brain scan. More on that when I hear back from his office.

I feel a strong need to step back from obligations until I can get my head under control. And I mean that literally.

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