January 30, 2014

It's getting better all the time

Yesterday I saw my shrink to talk about what she says isn't depression (hasn't lasted long enough) so I will call it a depressive funk. We talked about everything from the lost and found earrings to my "high expectations of myself."

All in all, it's okay to feel down. It's okay to spend the occasional day in bed. It's okay to nap. It's basically okay to cut myself some slack.

Dr Dobie recommended increasing the Ativan to 2 mg at bedtime. If that doesn't give  me better sleep, and good sleep is totally necessary to heal from depression, I have a prescription to add another 20 mg of Cymbalta, the anti-depressant I take for help with neuropathy. And if neither one works, I am seeing her in two weeks and we'll discuss further treatment options. She also recommended getting a meditation podcast, which I forgot to do while near the Swedish Cancer Education Center this afternoon.

It's odd but I already feel better. Perhaps that has to do with talking it out to someone who understands. Or maybe because it didn't rain today, and I could wear my new Lucky Brand red suede ankle boots. (Bought on sale for a fraction of the original price!) Or maybe it's because I still have enormous bounce-back and even my downs tend not to last very long.

Either way, I feel better. And aren't these boots cute?!


  1. The boots are cute, nice colour! Isn't Xeloda bothering you when you walk? I have had to refrain from wearing high heels and narrow boots because of HFS lately.

    Glad to read you're feeling better.

  2. Get the boots! Depression is no fun but sometimes life gives us more than we can handle. But you are seeing someone to help you cope and that's the important part. I have a therapist for the never ending cancer roller coaster myself. She is someone who has had both breast cancer and RA. Big smiles to you!

  3. Anonymous7:30 AM

    boots are NICE. and hope you continue to feel better :) also great that you saw someone who listened well to what you are feeling and helped, :)

  4. Those boots are gorgeous :)