December 30, 2013

Taking it easy

Rik is off from teaching for the winter holidays and we've been taking it easy, getting together with friends, sleeping late, playing with dogs and seeing movies. It's a great time of year except that we have to share the computer…

My fingers continue to heal although my left thumb is still peeling several layers of skin. I found out the hard way that my tongue is still sensitive -- I put four (four!) drops of Sriracha hot sauce on some noodles on Saturday and I couldn't bear the heat. We were at synagogue and I had to grab some cream (the kind used for coffee), put it in a cup, and drink it to cool off the heat. Only dairy seems to cool the fire in my mouth. So I won't be testing any red wine soon.

We did have a lovely meal at Gainsbourg, a local French bistro. My dinner consisted of a fantastic cocktail made with gin, celery shrub, beet essence and something else; shared beet salad with walnuts and goat cheese; and a whole plate of poutine. Oy. Then dessert of yummy hot chocolate and a chocolate truffle. Oy again.

Poutine, for those not in the know, is a Quebecois peasant food that is currently a must-have across North America: fried potatoes topped with brown (or in this case, mushroom) gravy, and cheese curds. It's so delicious I can't resist ordering it when I see it on the menu, but no one will share it with me. And of course I never met a fried potato I didn't like.

More later as our stay-cation continues...

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