June 26, 2012


Tomorrow I will have a CT scan to determine what's happening with my bone and liver mets. Dr G doesn't like to order too many scans for me -- lots of radiation isn't good, especially if one has lived as long as I have with advanced cancer -- but scans give good information on the cancer's progression. It's been a month since I last saw Dr G, so a scan and labs are in order. I will see him on Thursday and get the results then.

So what have I been up to? I have been feeling very well lately, hence my lack of posting. I am too busy just living my life! In the past week I:

  • attended a meeting of my support group of young women with metastatic breast cancer
  • found out that yet another young woman I know has been diagnosed with mets
  • went to a synagogue committee meeting
  • took the rabbi out to lunch at Cafe Flora 
  • participated in a telephone marketing survey for a cancer drug
  • went to my regular support group
  • attended a high school graduation party for a friend's child (and baked quadruple-chocolate cookies, made with melted dark chocolate, chocolate chips, cocoa and chocolate nibs)
  • slept through my yoga class (sorry!)
  • led the Torah service on Shabbat and since I was the only Cohen present at the time, also had an aliyah
  • hosted lunch for some friends from my days dancing in Radost
  • celebrated the wedding anniversary of some good friends
  • and took the Theo Chocolate factory tour again and ate too much chocolate today!

As you can see, life has been filled with good times. I aim to keep it that way.


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Thank you for being so positive.


  2. You gave me an idea...I must find a chocolate factory to tour right away!