June 28, 2012

Scan results - I think

I think the news is good but won't be certain until tomorrow. When I saw Dr G this morning, he had prepared to tell me that the scan results were bad -- but then we realized that the radiologist reading the scan had compared it to one from August 2011, not May 2012. Dr G was unhappy; he's had this experience before. His staff called radiology and the scan should be re-read tomorrow. Then Dr G pulled up the images and he did a comparison to the May images. In his opinion, things look good, but he still wants a radiologist's opinion.

The other good news is that my both tumor markers have decreased by 10 points. However, in the case of the CEA, the percentage of decrease is much larger than that of the CA 27.29. So I will continue on the Afinitor combo. I also had my monthly double shot of Faslodex today.

I kvetched a little to Dr G about the neuropathy in my feet, and he remembered a report from the recent ASCO conference about how the drug Cymbalta (duloxetine) reduces peripheral neuropathy pain. Dr G wrote a prescription which I expect to pick up later today. This drug quite expensive, so we may be in for a conversation with the health insurance company again.

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