December 16, 2011

I love flash mobs

If there was ever a singing/dancing event I lusted to participate in, it would be a flash mob. There's something about the (seemingly) random, spontaneous and joyful movement when people sitting at a cafe suddenly erupt into song and dance that gets me almost every time.

Click here for a new favorite: a crowd of Israeli shoppers at the Mamilla Center Mall dance to two of my favorite tunes from the 60s and 70s. Hearing these songs took me immediately back to my days at Camp Tel Yehudah, when we sang after every lunch and dinner during each month's camp session.

Why does it seem to be only in Israel that flash mobs sing about peace?

Pit'om kam adam baboker
umargish shehu am umatchil lalechet,
ulechol hanifgash bedarko kore hu 'Shalom'

(Lyrics Amir Gilboa; music Shlomo Artzi and Gidi Koren)

Suddenly a man wakes up in the morning
He feels he is a nation and begins to walk
And to all he meets on his way he calls out 'Shalom!'

And by lyricist David Barak:

Shalom, shalom
shalom al Israel
Imru, imru shirey hallel
Shalom, shalom al Israel

Peace, peace upon Israel
Let's sing songs of praise
Peace, peace upon Israel

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