May 05, 2010

An update from the oncologist

I saw Dr. G, Seattle's best oncologist, yesterday and we agreed on the following --
Chemo will be three weeks on, one week off (yay! a plan!)

Although they test my blood before every chemo to see if I am healthy enough to be treated (i.e. not anemic), I will also have a test of my tumor marker CA 27.29 in a few weeks to see how effective the abraxane is.

I told him about the burping and he prescribed an OTC chewable medicine called Gas-X which gave me immediate relief last night after dinner. I am to take one after every meal and before bed (maximum four times a day) if I find myself burping. I could call the naturopath also and get his advice, but I'm pretty sure he'll tell me to take more of the digestive enzymes which I can't stand and don't think work very well.

We think we have resolved the confusion over orders placed in the electronic system. The Swedish Cancer Institute is still getting used to this way of doing things, and they were not expecting electronic orders from Dr. G. Hopefully all will go smoothly next Monday.

In the meantime I am feeling well this morning and have plans to see yet a third wig provider and have lunch with a friend later today.

There is a 90% chance I will lose my hair to the abraxane. But that means 10% of people don't, and I know someone who falls into that category. So I thought of another addition to my chemo mantra: I hope to keep my hair, but if I do lose it to the chemo, I am prepared. Because (say it with me) this chemo is well-tolerated, very effective, with minimal side effects.

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