May 28, 2010


There are times when I just can't sleep. Even after taking a sleeping pill, I occasionally awake in the middle of the night. I woke up at 3 AM and after tossing and turning, taking an ativan for pain, and practicing my yoga breathing, I was still alert an hour later.

I don't feel particularly stressed. If anything, the reverse: my hblood pressure feels normal; there's a long holiday weekend coming up which I get to celebrate at the NW Folklife Festival; I have no chemo on Monday to interfere with that enjoyment; and I was able to get tickets to a local production of one of my favorite pieces of musical theatre, Leonard Bernstein's Candide.

This is when the internet helps. I can post to my blog, commiserate with my online list serv, check email, and even shop (if so inclined). What I can't do is sleep.

I hope that when I lay down again in a few minutes, my mind will stop spinning its wheels and I will relax and fall asleep.


  1. Decadron is messing with my sleep these days. I wake up in the middle of the night and am too tired to get up and do anythng, so I just listen to the radio. I take a sleeping pill but I still crave sleep!

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