May 20, 2010

A long day

Yesterday at the naturopathic doc my blood pressure was much higher than normal. Although he didn't comment or take action on it, I was worried. This morning I asked my physical therapist to check my BP and it had come down some but very much. Then I felt my heart racing. My support group recommended I call the onc, so I did.

Dr. G was out of the office for the Shavu'ot holiday but his staff squeezed me in to see the nurse practitioner. I had my port accessed and blood drawn to check my counts. An EKG. A chest xray. More blood drawn (second accessing of the port) for a special test. After 2.5 hours, and getting dressed and undressed four times (no easy trick in a pullover sweater when you are wearing a scarf to cover your baldness), NP Heather released me to go home, saying my EKG was normal, my counts are just where they were on Monday after chemo, and the chest xray looks fine. The other lab will take a few hours and they will get back to me with the results tomorrow.

Then I sat in rush hour traffic, hurrying to get home so that Rik could take the car to teach his evening class to graduation students in education. By the time I came home I'd been on the go for eight hours, had eaten lunch and an energy bar but was really hungry, and too stressed to do anything about it. Thankfully Rik had ordered a pizza and it was waiting when I walked in the door.

The upshot is that Abraxane is known to cause heart issues. Did anyone tell me? I can't remember. At least I reported all the symptoms, my medical team took action, and I'm in no immediate danger. More news no doubt next week after I see Dr. Goldberg.

I think I will take an ativan to de-stress.

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