May 04, 2010

Day after second round of chemo

I had my second abraxane yesterday and was out of it for most of the afternoon. The pre-med compazine again made me sleepy and then a little anxious, and the oral ativan did not help as much as the IV version did last week. I told the nurse I did not want either the decadron or reglan after last week's reglan freakout. It may be that I have the same reaction to compazine as both those other drugs, and if so, I will ask Dr. G if I can skip all three of these pre-meds and just get the abraxane.

We had another very long wait. Something in the electronic system isn't working properly. The cancer institute says they have orders but no labs. As I spoke with his assistant, I could hear Dr. G in the background saying "I put the labs in the system twice this morning! Finally someone somewhere found all the paperwork and they could access my port, after we'd been in the waiting room for almost two hours. I plan to address this among many other items when I see Dr. G later today.

After chemo I slept for an hour or so at home and rebounded to enjoy dinner cooked by Rik - Moroccan Meatball Tagine, from scratch no less, with me reading the recipe to him while he did the work. Rik ate this dish at a recent potluck and loved it so much we had to get the recipe and buy ground beef. We both think it would be even better with ground lamb too. Since I had eaten pad Thai (rice noodles) for lunch and felt over my carb limit for the day, we ate the meatballs with fresh corn instead of over couscous. Same carbs but I am not limiting produce from my diet. It was delicious!

I feel pretty good this morning so far and continue to recite my chemo mantra. Say it with me: very effective, well tolerated, minimal side effects.

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