May 26, 2010

Onc update

I saw the oncologist today and he says the following:

Heart issues might have been caused by IV Zofran. We looked at alternatives and they all carry the same 5% or less risk for cardiac side effects. Since I've had so little nausea with the Abraxane, my next chemo will be Abraxane only and no anti-nausea pre-meds. I did not notice any heart irregularities when taking oral Zofran for a queasy tummy after the first two rounds.

At my request I get next Monday off from chemo so I can celebrate the Memorial Day holiday by attending the NW Folklife Festival and hearing my choir Dunava sing. There was no way to do both, so I am glad Dr. G listened to me! He is very supportive of my need for a high quality of life.

My blood pressure was again slightly elevated but he was not worried. My heart rate was steady. I am having some shortness of breath when walking a couple of blocks but hopefully that will disappear in the coming days.

He ordered a chest/abdominal/pelvic CT. I haven't had a scan in just over one year.

And finally the big question: How long will I be on the Abraxane? When I have a good response plus two months. What's a good response? Reduced lesions as seen on a scan. (Hence next week's scans to have some sort of a baseline.)

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