May 09, 2010

A sunny Seattle day

This weekend has been glorious in Seattle -- about 70 degrees, bright and sunny. After the recent cool, wet weather that felt more like November than May, it feels like nothing short of a miracle.

My independence has increased exponentially since a week ago when I had just received clearance from the orthopod to drive and be in the house without the Borg brace. (Resistance is futile: I just hate wearing the damn thing.) After spending several days without the brace, even when alone in the house, I feel more confident of my ability to putter around. You know, do things like empty the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, prepare a meal, read a book, pet the dogs.

Yesterday I drove for only the second time since seder. I felt much more confident and decided that I had to extend my driving range beyond the two miles to synagogue. So today I headed off to the grocery store (on my own), did the shopping (on my own) and put gas in the car (again, on my own). It felt terrific! I might even be willing to drive to a medical appointment and face parallel parking this week.

I also picked up a few plants to set out in pots today. I bought Sweet Million and Green Grape organic tomato starts two varieties that do well in the Pacific Northwest), marigolds to cross-plant with them, some basil and an upright fuschia and begonia for the deck railing pot. There are still happy pansies blooming in that pot and the whole thing should be quite colorful. Plus our neighbors across the street who have the fabulous garden have offered me some other tomato plants as well.

Now to give Bobka the dog a trim. Clearly I am feeling well this weekend!


  1. happy for u)))))

  2. I planted the sweet millions a few years ago and it was my favorite tomato in a long time. So sweet and delicious and tiny. I've been unable to find them ever since. Good luck with your tomatoes!