November 01, 2009

A night without bandaging

I gave myself a night without bandaging last night. My arm was stable when measured for a new sleeve last week, and I thought it was time to get off the ativan as well. As an anti-anxiety and sleep aid it's great, but when you take it every night for eight weeks, it becomes habituating.

After eight weeks of this craziness, I am so tired of sweating into the glove, feeling like my skin didn't breathe, and not being able to relax my hand.

I had the usual rebound insomnia after stopping the ativan and tossed and turned every hour all night long. I guess I got about three hours' sleep all together, and I predict a nap will be in my future this afternoon.

But this morning my arm seemed fine. Time will tell whether that is really the case and if I need to wrap again. I hope not, but you never know. One night without bandaging might set everything back again. However, I think it was a risk worth taking.

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