November 30, 2009

Zometa and bone scan today

I am spending the bulk of the day at the hospital today, getting my monthly zometa infusion and a bone scan. Here's how today will play out --
11:00 AM Place topical anesthetic Emla cream over port site, cover with plastic tagaderm patch and drive to hospital. Run errands along the way. Park in the pay lot because this will be a longer than usual time at the hospital and I might not find 4-hour free street parking.

12:00 PM Show up at Ambulatory Infusion Center (AIC) to have my port accessed.

12:30 PM Walk over to nuclear medicine department, have dye injected, walk back to AIC.

1:15 PM Get zometa (takes about an hour). Have port de-accessed. Hopefully I will get lunch in here somewhere.

2:30 PM Walk back over to nuclear medicine for bone scan. Cover eyes with eye mask and listen to iPod while on scanner bed.

3:30 PM Head home, crash.

Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Almost a whole day spent in medical procedures. Thank goodness I have a good book to read, an iPod to listen to favorite music, and patience. That last is the most important of all.

I get the bone scan results next week and promise to post the news as soon as I get hard information.


  1. Hi Jill, I've clicked on your facebook badge but it doesn't link to facebook. Thought I'd let you know.

    All the best to you ...

  2. I don't think it's supposed to be a live link, just an update of my FB status. You'd have to friend me on FB to get connected.