November 03, 2009

Enjoying the sun

We've had a couple of sunny days in Seattle lately. The mornings at least are bright and I love walking the dogs to get my daily dose of (external) vitamin D. Sadly I then focus on household stuff, errands etc. and haven't taken advantage of the less wet grass to continue to put the garden to bed. The strawberries still need to be weeded and mulched, the front beds are weedy and two of the raised beds could use a tarp cover since I didn't plant a cover crop in them.

On the plus side, Rik has been really good about yard work. He rescued the rest of the green tomatoes, which we hung over the kitchen window and are slowly ripening in the indoors heat. Not as tasty as summer-ripened fruit but a definite improvement over what's in the grocery stores now. I just don't eat tomatoes in the winter. Store tomatoes taste like cardboard.

The local farmers' market has closed for the season and I missed the last few Thursday shopping sessions. It's back to apples, pears and bananas for fruit and on to eating squash, greens and potatoes for veggies. The dogs love the canned pumpkin I've added to their diet to add bulk while they lose weight. They think the canned green beans are okay, but they LOVE the canned pumpkin. Did you know canned pumpkin is a seasonal item? I will have to stock my pantry up.

I must be in the mood to cook....


  1. I've been in a mood to cook. Changing of seasons? More time on my hands? I'm not sure, but my husband is a happy camper.

  2. debrah8:56 AM

    Pumpkin loves pumpkin. who knew? I am going to steal your idea as my dogs or on a diet too and they are super hungry. Thanks, debrah