November 05, 2009

Lymphedema back and forth

I think my hand may be beginning to improve. If you remember, I slept without the bandaging one night last week(?) and then felt I hadn't gotten enough support without the wrapping. Last night after a long day and a hard choir rehearsal, I felt I needed to get some fresh air on my skin so decided not to bandage before bed. This morning my hand seems okay. I am actually not wearing the glove yet and it's already 11 AM.

Could this be an indicator that things are beginning to return to normal? If I can alternate sleeping bandaged and unwrapped, if I don't have to wear the glove all day long but only most or even part of the day, if the new sleeves arrive quickly, maybe my hand and arm will be on the way to normal. The old normal, not a new normal, I hope.

Of course, every time I sleep unwrapped I don't take any ativan and then I get a little rebound insomnia, but what can you do? It's still more comfortable to lie awake in bed unwrapped than to bandage and try to sleep uncomfortably on drugs.


  1. Wish I had some words of wisdom here. All I can do is read and think, 'Man. Lymphodema sucks.'

  2. I hope this condition eases for you soon x