November 10, 2009

Update from the oncologist

Yesterday I had my monthly appointment with Dr. G. He still says it's time to change therapies as my tumor marker CA 27.29 continues to rise. But the newish breast tumors have shrunk slightly and I am not symptomatic of anything else. So we are planning a bone scan to see if there is any other cancer activity in my body.

I managed to persuade him to consider trying Femara (letrozole) again, the first estrogen inhibitor I used, which I took for three years with good results. In the meanwhile he will do some more research on Avastin (bevacizumab). We both agree that we should put off chemo as long as possible, given my body's hyper-sensitive reactions last spring to the 5FU.

Until next month's visit, I stay on the Megace.


  1. Cancer so often seems to come with 'well, there's good news, and then there's bad news.' It makes it hard to keep my footing, sometimes. But you always seem to, and that impresses me.