October 30, 2009


Yesterday the stars were aligned for my errands. I decided to go downtown to get my driver's license renewed, after trying unsuccessfully to renew online and via the US Postal Service. The timing on this was important, since I also had to be at the hospital to get my zometa by 1 PM.

First karmic alignment: I found a parking space literally in front of the entrance to the DOL building at 1000 2nd Avenue. No matter that the entrance to the DOL office was around the corner. At least I didn't have to walk blocks in the rain.

Second karmic alignment: It stopped raining just as I pulled into the parking space.

Third karmic alignment: The reason I couldn't renew online or through the mail was because I literally needed a new license. The other types of renewals are for the sticker you place on your current license. And the photo they took wasn't so bad.

Fourth karmic alignment: I walked the two blocks to the doctor's office to try to get a flu shot since I had such a primo parking space.

Fifth karmic alignment: The doctor's office was having a flu clinic and they could take me right away even though I hadn't made an appointment.

Sixth karmic alignment: Arrived early at the hospital for zometa and was told to get some lunch, the nurses were too busy to take me early. Okay, maybe eating hospital cafeteria food isn't exactly serendipitous, but at least it's cheap.

Seventh karmic alignment: No one ticketed my car parked by the hospital even though I had technically been parked more than two hours.

Came home after zometa, took a nap (sleeping on the left side since I'd had the flu shot in the right arm), made mushroom soup for dinner and didn't have an evening meeting. Now that's my kind of day!


  1. Wait...you ended up with a driver's license picture that you like?!!!!! Wow. That may be more than just karma at work. I know that envy is wrong, but I'm a little envious anyway.

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    It's about time you got a break.
    - bjohanna