November 19, 2009

Rainy Seattle days

It's a typical Seattle November -- cool if not outright cold, rainy, grey, overcast, windy. It's hard to go outdoors when the weather is so miserable, so I have been trying to focus on in-home tasks since my family left on Monday. (Of course, the fact that I was a little pooped from the birthday party and everyone's visit may have something to do with not wanting to run around!)

I have gone through all the party photos, ordered prints from Costco, rearranged the scrapbook. Stacked up the ironing but haven't actually done it yet -- maybe later today. Swept the leaves and outdoor yuck from the floors. (I swear, the dogs bring in more every day.) Did a load of dishes and laundry.

I have a good book to cuddle up with, but I also have a meeting to attend later this morning. At least by the time I get to the book the dogs will have dried off from their morning walk (Pumpkin got soaked). It's much more pleasant to cuddle with dry dogs than wet, stinky ones.

And that's my plan for today. The best part about living with cancer can be the freedom to do nothing if it so moves me.

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