November 02, 2009

I spoke too soon

My arm felt uncomfortable in the sleeve by late afternoon yesterday, so I am afraid I spoke too soon about no longer bandaging. I wrapped my arm again last night, perhaps a little too tight since I was worried about the after-effects of the night before. Things seem more normal today (at least, "normal" for the past eight weeks).

Wrapping too tight happens infrequently but when it does - ow! Fabric rubs against skin and leaves red marks (dangerous when you have lymphedema, can cause infection if they open). The finger wraps on my fourth finger were too tight last night and I felt as though the circulation was being cut off in my hand because of it.

I will adjust as I return to wrapping every night until I get the special, made-to-order new sleeves in a few weeks. And even taking ativan again didn't help me get better sleep with the bandaging too snug for comfort.

There must be a happy medium. I just have to find it.

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