June 12, 2017

Been a while since I posted as we have just passed the ten month anniversary of her death. Her unveiling of her grave marker is on June 25th and will mark the formal period of her official mourning to be over. The new normal around here is strange. The house is very quiet. Had to put Boychick down, the 11 year old rescue Cocker Spaniel because he had a pretty big tumor growing in the back of his jaw. The doctor gave him maybe six weeks. Also trying to follow Jill's wishes and look for love again. It has proven not as easy as I thought it would! I have had several dates, one extremely serious interest but it did not work because it got too complicated with us living in different countries after a few months, and it was really too hard as we were together as a couple but separated and living separate lives. I was commuting on weekends and long school breaks but it was not enough, I guess. So I guess it is back to square one a little wiser perhaps. Just returned from Cincinnati and the APHG reading where I had Graeter's Ice Cream almost every day! Jill would have loved that! Off for the summer soon (first time with no summer school or graduate school to teach) and will be going to Cuba with a bunch of geographers, New Mexico for a geography conference and back to Montreal to see my friends and family in August. The house is beautiful as always during this time of year with the garden in full bloom raspberries, strawberries and blackberries all starting to bloom. Thanks to Shira my adoptive mom who weeded and hacked back so much she filled four compost bins!  Jill's favorite time of year and with the new deck she would have loved it all. Thanks for all the continuous love and support as always.


  1. Love reading this and hearing from you. <3

  2. Did you know you can order Graeter's for delivery? One of my peeps sends me a 12-pack once in a while and it's HEAVEN!