October 24, 2015

At Swedish

I guess this is really how one "celebrates" breast cancer month: by getting admitted to the hospital.

On Thursday I developed fever and chills around 2 pm during my support group. The great social worker took me over to a nurse for my temperature (high). She called Dr G, and got me a wheelchair ride to the ER.  After a few hours, a chest X-ray, and sharing with both Dr G and the ER doc, I learned I had pneumonia. Rik's colleague gave him a ride from school and eventually we went home around 6 pm.

On Friday I awoke to a call from the ER. They think I have a blood infection, come right back. I picked up Rik from school and we arrived around 10 am. More checks, more drugs, more fever/chills. Lost my lunch several times. Dr G decided to admit me but a room wasn't ready until almost 6 pm.

Now I'm on the 12th floor with a fantastic view of downtown and the waterfront. I've had numerous antibiotics, platelets, and a blood transfusion. No one knows exactly what kind of infection I have. Most likely to be in my PICC line, which has also received its own special antibiotic.

I actually slept last night, no doubt due to fatigue, less sleep the night before and Ambien. God bless sleeping pills. I had fever /chills again  in the middle of the night but they haven't returned yet.

After my shower this afternoon I felt the best I have in days. I have energy but am stuck here on my butt until they decide whether or not to pull my PICC line. It all depends on if the infection clears up. Or as Dr G told the infectious disease doc, better to pull it than to risk her life.

So. Waiting and waiting. Bad food corrected by Rik who brought yummy lunch from Bakery Nouveau and friend C who brought dinner from Ma'ono (fried chicken). Boredom corrected by good buddy G who dropped at just the right time, five minutes after I got out of the shower. More friends coming soon. Spoke to my mom twice.

Are you getting the picture?

PS if you can, please give blood you don't have to tell me if you can or cannot. But it's a good thing to do.


  1. May I say what a shitty, shitty month this has been for so many metsters? Sheesh! Progression, hospital visits, and just feeling terrible -- seems to be happening to so many! Some "celebration".

    Glad you're starting to feel better and wishing you a quick release so you can go home. xx

  2. My mom got an infection in her PICC line. That is tough! Bah. Hope you heal soon, all of that food and sleep sounds like an improvement at least. <3 from Utah!