August 17, 2015

Trip east

Rik and I went on separate journeys east recently. He made a presentation and received an award at a national geography teachers' conference in the other Washington (and he already took the award to school, so I can't share a photo with you). I went to see my mother, sister and brother-in-law and spent time at the New Jersey shore with them.

Here are highlights from my trip:

The board game Monopoly was based on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea...

When you're part of our family, you get TAN!

Oh those Jersey tomatoes!

Sis, me, Mom in a terrible selfie

View from the banana whip place

Walking on the beach with my sister

I'm on Ventnor beach!

Canadian cherries for Rik

And to be sure I enjoyed every moment, I ate frozen custard daily! This Jersey delight is like soft-serve ice cream but SO MUCH MORE DELICIOUS.

Day 1: Daddy O's chocolate/vanilla swirl
Day 2: Rita's coffee and chocolate (shared between Mom and I)
Day 3: That place on the pier for frozen banana whip 
Day 4: Sunny Daze chocolate/vanilla swirl with chocolate dipped coating
Day 5: Royale Crown (Hammonton) fresh peach custard with chocolate dipped coating -- THE WINNER!


  1. Family time. So precious. Looks as if you had a wonderful time with plenty of custard to brighten each day even more. The smile on your face is a joy to see. Keep smiling

  2. Peach would win for me too! Sounds amazing!