July 01, 2013

Cancer stats

For those who are statistically minded, here is a graph of my tumor markers from 3/24/2004 to 6/18/2013. (Dr G likes to show me these graphs but I've never shared them.) Sorry if it's too small to read...

Plus here is my list of medical issues:
AR (allergic rhinitis)
Blurred vison
Bone metastases
Brain metastases
Breast cancer
Cancer-related pain
Cardiac murmur (I've had since childhood)
Cataracts, bilateral
Choroidal nevus of left eye
Drug-induced neutropenia
Herpes zoster
Hip fracture
Osteonecrosis of jaw doe to drug
Pathologic fracture of femur (same thing as the hip fracture)
Pathologic rib fracture
Peripheral neuropathy
Post bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
Staphylococcus carries

I can't even tell you what all these things are. (I think dyslipidemia has to do with cholesterol.) And I'm not going into my extremely long list of medications! But even with all these issues, I look forward to my 11th anniversary of living with metastatic breast cancer on August 20, 2013.


  1. I would hate to write out my list of ailments as well. But your tumor markers look like they are going in the right direction and here's to another 11 or more years!

  2. I really love the nose dive at the end of your graph!