April 03, 2013

Reduced dose, so far so good

Last time I saw Dr G, I asked if he would reduce my Xeloda dose. He did, by 1/6th (one less pill per day). I've felt been much better this cycle. Although I still want to nap every afternoon, I haven't had the other complications of last time (diarrhea, etc.). That's probably why I haven't been blogging -- I am busy living a "new normal" life and haven't found much to write about.

I'm happy that Passover has ended, although it's still one of my favorite holidays. Rik and I went out for my traditional pizza and beer feast last night at Elemental Pizzeria, new to us. We had a really good pizza topped with smoked mozzarella, kale, and cherry tomatoes on an olive oil base, as well as salads and beer. I had to run off to rehearsal afterwards, but came home early enough to have a full family snuggle on the couch (with dog).

Today I had an Avastin infusion. My blood pressure has been off lately, no doubt due to the Avastin, and I don't know how much longer I'll be able to take this chemo booster. We'll cross that bridge whenever.

I put some more plants into the shade garden on Sunday, but when I went to water them today, something had dug all of them up! It might be said dog, or a random critter. I replanted everything and put up a low decorative fence, which should at least keep the dog out.

Now it's off for that nap!


  1. So glad you have been enjoying things so much - but then you always do! Read on facebook I think it was about your concert on Sunday - wish I could attend but live on the other end of the planet from you.

  2. Hi Jill! So happy to meet you. I am also an "Empowered Blogger" and I suggested the list of fellow bloggers. I plan to check out every site and follow all of my fellow Empowered Bloggers. Take care!