December 10, 2012


A quick update: I worked on the synagogue's big fundraiser at the end of last week. I cooked dinner on Friday night for eight people, everything made from scratch (challah, pumpkin curry soup, chicken roasted with green beans, farro with mushrooms, and apple strudels). Dunava spent three hours in the recording studio on Saturday. Sunday's fundraiser was a great success, with record attendance. Rik took me out to dinner to celebrate at Luc.

I spent most of today trying to recover from all of the above, but also took the dog on a long walk, went to the grocery store, and made mushroom lasagna for dinner.

I get chemo again on Friday, and plan to take full advantage of feeling well and having lots of energy this week!


  1. Anonymous5:17 AM

    My mom had breast cancer 11 years ago and is now awaiting biopsy and scan results to confirm whether or not it's back and in the bones or anyplace else. The news that she may have mets felt like a kick in the gut and I found myself wishing that she could just be "normal" again and worried that she won't be able to ever just enjoy the little day-to-day things that so many take for granted. Reading your blog has given me hope that even if this turns out to be Stage 4 cancer, that life can go on and that she just may be able to get back to enjoying things again. Thank you for this :) xo

  2. Fab, fab, new happy pic of you on this blog, and always such a pleasure to read about how busy and energised you are and how you just get on with things no matter what arduous treatments you are having. Mazaltov!