August 27, 2008

The best oncologist in Seattle

Dr. Sheldon Goldberg has been treating me since my first round with early-stage breast cancer in 1999. I got him by chance: I was given the option of one of two oncologists, so I chose the one with the Jewish name. Little did I know that in addition to getting a terrific doctor, I would meet one of the smartest men I've ever known.

Dr. G, as his staff affectionately calls him, treated me as a total person from the day we met. I was never just a diagnosis or a disease to him. We connected as people. We talk Torah as well as about my medical issues. He has graciously invited Rik and I to join his family on several occasions. Every time I see him, Dr. G tells me that he remembers me in his daily prayers and proves it by reminding me that he knows my Hebrew name (Yachna Maryam bat Masha Leah, for the curious).

Today Dr. G has offered to link my blog to his home page on the Minor & James Medical web site, so I am doing him the same favor in return. And while I am giving kudos, Seattle Metropolitan just named Dr. G one of Seattle's top doctors. M&J Medical also recognized his office as the best team of 2008.

I will vouch for them all -- although I hope you never need an oncology or hematology specialist, Dr. Goldberg and his team are a truly excellent choice!

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  1. that is truly outstanding!
    what a moving testimony Dr G has on the web link - wow!
    thanks for sharing....