October 14, 2006

Swimming in Pink

It's October, and that means Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink stuff is everywhere -- pink kitchen appliances; pink garden tools; even pink Barbie dolls (oy!).

Do me a favor: if you want to support breast cancer research, advocacy, or related issues, DON'T BUY PINK. The few dollars or even pennies donated per item can't provide enough funding to help in a big way. Women with breast cancer would be better off if you simply made a donation to an appropriate charity.

To get some background on this issue, read Buying Pink from the Seattle Times.

Want to help? You can ---

- Fund research, so I will live to celebrate another birthday.

- Fund instruction in breast self-exams for girls and young women, so they will learn what their breasts feel like and how to recognize changes.

- Fund early detection for women who can't afford mammograms.

- Fund patient support for women who have trouble making ends meet while in treatment.

- Fund advocacy work to get more government funding to find a cure for cancer.

But don't buy pink for me. It doesn't help.

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