May 03, 2006

Jill & Pumpkin 2004

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  1. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Dear Jill,
    This blog looks really nice! And so do you, but in the photo Rik appears to need a haircut. Via your email updates you have done a wonderful job of keeping your friends and family informed of the heroic balance that you have walked between fighting cancer, eating vast volumes of voluptuous victuals and keeping Hungarian culture alive in song and dance in America’s north-west. I think the benevolence of a blog is that you are sharing your experience openly with whomever may come through your door and having taken a moment to read they’ll leave motivated and comforted. Thank you for not keeping your life to yourself.

    If you are looking for suggestions for this blog then I suggest you include your recipes. You have already begun to chronicle you recipe for life with the most intimidating ingredients imaginable. Spicing up the blog with your penchant for rich cornucopia of ethnic cuisine may make visiting this site more enticing for visitors and for you as well.

    Hugs, Alex