October 24, 2011

Yet another reason to stop giving to Komen

I've asked many questions about Komen's financials over the years. Read here for author Gayle Sulik's (Pink Ribbon Blues) summary of the research The Cancer Culture Chronicles did into Komen's publicly available financial statements.


  1. And they are still called 'for the cure' when the majority of their money goes to education a/k/a pinkification. I think we have plenty of awareness, we need research, we need a cure, we need a cause.

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Interesting but I am not sure that Komen should spend all its money on research. I am suspect that middle class and upper class women think that there is enough awareness and education. But what about what Komen does for low-income women who are uninsured and don’t have resources for basic medical care, much less cancer care.