October 04, 2011

Appliance rant - don't buy Whirlpool!

We own four Whirlpool appliances: a dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer. The washer began having issues just after the warranty period ended. Recently more issues arose with this three year old washer. The white cycle stopped working. The normal cycle stopped working. And then it died on every cycle. Turns out the electronic circuit board has failed. Repairs were estimated at more than $400, almost the price of a new washer. So I thought I'd call Whirlpool and see if their customer service department is really service-oriented.

After waiting on hold for more than ten minutes, the customer services representative assured me there was nothing she could do since the washer is past the limited one year warranty period. I asked to speak with a manager, waited on hold for another ten minutes, and was told the same thing: the machine is no longer within the warranty period, so Whirlpool can't (read won't) help.

Moral of the story: NEVER BUY WHIRLPOOL AGAIN. And tell everyone you know not to buy Whirlpool products.


  1. Stephanie5:36 PM

    I guess you are not alone:
    They also make KitchenAid - a friend has had excellent service from them, interestingly enough.

  2. You know the Maytag repairman? And you know how he's supposed to be so lonely? Our isn't lonesome. Just saying.

    Seriously, we bought one of those high efficiency low water machines. It broke down for the first time within the year, major repair, still under warranty. The same part went. Our 'maytag repairman' was so busy he just ordered the part and told Tim how to fix it. He didn't have time to come all the way out.

    My parents had the same refrigerator for 30 years. The same washer and dryer for years. Does that even happen anymore?

  3. Jill this is so weird. My motherinlaw just went through 10 days Of washer less hell trying to get her Whirlpool fixed. Nothing is made to last anymore.

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