October 10, 2011

Trying something new

Blogger has created new Dynamic templates. What do you think of this version, called Magazine? It's a different way to showcase my blog. Just click on a post to read the whole thing. I'd like your feedback.


  1. Hm... seems snazzy, but I don't like it.

    For one, all information about you is gone. There used to be a sidebar with links and information about you... no more? I tried several views, and it doesn't appear in any of them.

    Your tag line, which starts with "I got breast cancer in 1999...", is cut off, and only visible if you hover the mouse over it -- but then it appears with HTML tags visible, which isn't pretty.

    The variance of views (Magazine, Flipcard, etc.) seem fun, but it looks like everything else besides the blog entries themselves got cut or altered. Wouldn't be surprised if Blogger switches it back.

  2. Betty Johanna12:55 PM

    You know me - I'm a Luddite. Don't even know how to retrieve messages from my cell phone. Had to either upgrade my search software - which is something I won't do on a computer that isn't mine - or use the search engine I rarely use. In any case, I appreciated the ease of your old blog. This format is just a bit complicated for me.