October 28, 2011

Better today

My nose was slightly less bloody today (only used 15 tissues before noon). So far I've had coffee with a friend, ran two errands, and done three loads of laundry. Next up is to start some soup for dinner -- I'm considering squash/pear bisque -- and maybe bake an apple galette for dessert. I must feel better.

We have no guests for Shabbat dinner tonight, since I may have to pick up the car from the auto repair shop and didn't know what time it would be ready. Still, I like to make a good dinner at least once in the week and hot soup sounds very appealing on this cool, rainy day.

My toes, however, are warmly ensconced in my Uggs. It turns out that cold negatively impacts neuropathy. I have been trying to keep my tootsies warm at home and while out without over-wearing any one pair of shoes. Today the Uggs won the toss of what to wear.


  1. the ugggs are so fashionable and cute. I bet you look great in them

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    After you had cyberknife surgery, did you lose hair permanently?

  3. The gamma knife surgery implants were in the front of the head, below the hair line. One side healed up nicely; the other has a very small scar. I had some permanent hair loss from radiation to my skull in 2002 but when my hair grows out from the chemo loss, it should cover the bald area.