October 03, 2011


Check out this YouTube video about pinkwashing.

Take action at www.thinkbeforeyoupink.org.
Pinkwashing has reached a new low this year with "Promise Me," a perfume commissioned by the giant of the breast cancer movement, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Promise Me contains chemicals not listed in the ingredients that: (a) are regulated as toxic and hazardous, (b) have not been adequately evaluated for human safety, and (c) have demonstrated negative health effects.

Think Before You Pink defines Pinkwasher: (pink’-wah-sher) noun. A company or organization that claims to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribbon product, but at the same time produces, manufactures and/or sells products that are linked to the disease.

So PLEASE don't buy the pink ribbon products. If you really want to support this cause and find a cure, make a donation to a charity that puts their money to good effect:
METAvivor (funding research exclusively into metastatic breast cancer)
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (the name says it all)

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