October 20, 2011

Bobka update

Bob the dog is recovering nicely from his dental cleaning and surgery. This evening he "graduated" from canned food to dry kibble soaked in warm water, which he ate so rapidly I don't think any bits touched his teeth.

The x-ray report wasn't as good. Evidently he has compression of several spinal discs. The vet recommends we keep Bob very quiet for the next two to four weeks, to ease any pressure on his spine. That means no walks at all, just going into the backyard to pee and poop. Bob could go for years like this and not need surgery. But we're also supposed to watch for pain, incontinence and/or difficulty moving, which would be indicators of a much more serious condition than the vet currently thinks is the case. The vet was happy to hear that a few months ago we started using a harness instead of attaching Bob's leash to his collar.

The dental/surgical follow up will be in two weeks as well. Maybe by then the vet will allow us to go on short walks. In the meantime Bob seems happy to snuggle on the sofa and has no trouble jumping up, as I realized when I saw a Bob-shaped arrangement of a previously carefully folded blanket.

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