October 18, 2011

A long couple of days

What a long day yesterday was!

First I dropped off Bob the dog at the vet for a dental cleaning and x-ray to check out his hoip. He'd been complaining while scratching and grooming himself so we were following up. The dental thing is annual.

Then I was at the Swedish Cancer Institute for four and a half hours for my 60 minute infusion. The lab was very busy and I waited there for almost an hour. Then G came and we hung out in the waiting room for an other hour. By 11 AM or so I was in a chemo chair hoping for a quick infusion and off we would go! but no. Dr G's computer orders still don't sync with what I know he wants (i.e., this is day 8 and I get Abraxane only, no Avastin). More talk on the phone while G and I wait, and wait, and wait. Finally all is confirmed and I started the Abraxane just after noon, was done just after 1 PM. Then I had to make some follow up appointments, so it was about 1:45 before we sat down to eat lunch.

The sun was shining and I still felt good, so after lunch I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. By the time I got home and unloaded the bags, my energy had started to flag. Of course by then I had to find out about the dog before I could take a nap.

It turns out Bobka needed 16 teeth extracted! It was supposed to be a routine dental cleaning with two suspicious teeth, but in the course of the cleaning, they found periodontal disease and loose teeth. Most of the ones pulled were the front upper and lower tiny incisors, the side incisors I had discussed with the vet, and three back molars. 

Needless to say I was more than surprised to hear this news. The tech also told me that BOb had to stay overnight at the vet (at no charge, thankfully, but still...) because he hadn't come through the anesthesia well. That scared me.

I tried to lie down for a bit until RIk came home because I wasn't sure I was processing all this dog-related information very well. Together we called and spoke directly with the vet, who assured us that all the extractions were medically necessary. He also said that Bob needed to stay overnight because he needed intravenous pain management. He'd come through the anesthesia fine! After that reassurance I was able to sleep, which I did, from 5 PM until 7 AM this morning. 

Today I went off to Swedish for my Neulasta shot to boost my white blood cell count. Then I went straight to the vet, where Bob greeted me with enthusiasm. We came home, he roamed our yard contentedly and is now happily cuddled up in his dog bed.

And it's only 11 AM. I wish I could crash again, but I have a noon meeting now and a dinner meeting tonight. We will see how well I do as the day progresses. At least the sun is still shining!


  1. You sure did have a busy day.
    Bet you were exhausted...
    Bob is such a pretty dog.
    I may not be around much for the next week ..Chemo in the morning.
    Maybe I'll do better this time!!!!!
    But I'll be back and catch up

    Debbi (atoosassygal.blogspot.com )

  2. Stephanie9:53 PM

    Poor Bob. Can he still eat cookies?
    Walking into the grocery gets me every time. Good for you making it home before the energy flags.