June 12, 2011

Trying to stay balanced

I felt so well on Friday that I did too much, including wearing my contact lenses for twelve hours. The backlash on Saturday was awful and preventable. I need to balance my meds more effectively.

Although I spent an hour or so at shul, I should have come home. I only used half of a lidocain patch and it wasn't enough but I was too stubborn to add more later in the day when I can only wear them for twelve hours. I should have done it anyway.

I took some Vicodin but it didn't kick in soon enough and most of the time I was zoning out. I should have taken my daily dose of Ritalin but hadn't. So much for balance.

I napped in the afternoon, then took my mid-day meds. Pain was really making me cranky! I put on my pajamas around 6 PM, ate some soup and tried to enjoy some Graeter's ice cream. I was so cranky that even more Vicodin around 7 PM barely took the edge off the pain. It was the 0.75 mg of Ativan that made the evening bearable. Again, so much for balance and for recognizing the pain symptoms.

I slept most of the night but my shingles pain also manifests with night sweats. After that middle of the night awakening, I took some more Vicodin and tried to sleep through the dog's begging to go outside. I lasted until 7 AM (which I thought was 8 AM), got up for real to let Bobka out, feed him breakfast, let him out again and type this post.

I might go back to sleep now; it's a quarter to eight in the morning and I could use a little extra rest. I already took my morning meds, minus the Ritalin, because I really do want some more sleep.

When I get up for real (for the third time), I will take the Ritalin, use more of the lidocain patch, drink coffee with breakfast, and aim for better balance so I can enjoy my day.

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  1. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Balance has always been an issue for me, and I have not nearly as much to juggle as you do...