June 01, 2011

Back to that "new normal"

I actually felt so well on Tuesday that I was able to drive the car; attend a morning meeting and be focused and present for the discussion; run an errand to the dry cleaner and go grocery shopping. That represents a HUGE improvement over the past ten days, when I could barely move my sorry ass off the couch, and needed rides to everything. The shingles are showing a good response to the treatment, but their presence will prevent me from modeling at the Gilda's Club fashion show on Friday. It's too bad, but always better to protect the health of the other models who have compromised immune systems. The third time was not the charm, I'm afraid.

Still no word on whether the chemo combo is doing anything for the cancer. I anticipate getting my tumor markers checked again, maybe as soon as next Monday.

I was truly tired after all the running around yesterday, and noticed that my feet hurt. Not just hurt like I was tired of standing, but numb and tingly all around my toes on each foot. I think this is more neuropathy from the chemo combo. I reported it to Dr G's nurse and was told I could increase the gabapentin up to 900 mg three times a day, which is quite a bit more than I am taking now. It should help with the neuropathy pain.

I also ran some errands today. Went to Dr G's office for a shot of Neulasta to build my white blood cells, then drove north to exchange a pair of shoes (size 8.5 bought at Northgate Mall) to the size 8 (only at Alderwood Mall). I was fine with all that highway driving too.

My nose is a little runny, with a tendency to bleed (that's the Avastin), I am constipated (from the gabapentin), and I've run a very low grade fever of 99.2 degrees for the past the nights. I may be coming down with a something, and so plan to take it easy tomorrow and just go to my support group. They need to hear Jill's great shingles story.

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